Welcome to ‘The Moral Fog’

After a few years of writing the book Evil Online it became obvious that worries about evil online are in their infancy. The technology and our use of it are both exploding and rapidly changing. By the time we identify problems we are already well-embedded in the worlds that feature them and many other problems have emerged. Here we aim to keep some track of it all.

We will also focus directly on understanding evil, and about how we run amok in our traditional worlds. In particular, we will be looking at how even our ‘better angels’ are so commonly led astray.

And we will look at issues and questions concerning how we navigate ourselves in the world more broadly. We will focus on how we make judgements and how we investigate and understand things across a range of contexts – usually these will be real-life cases and/or everyday trends and issues, such as emerge at work and in personal life.

Episodes will avoid academic (or any other) jargon.


You’ll find links to the latest podcasts available at iTunes and YouTube below as they appear.